With the invisible HarmonieSchiene® from Orthos, your smile will bloom ...

Tooth correction with the HarmonieSchiene - professionally accompanied by your dentist

  • the invisible, flexible aligner corrects your crooked teeth easily + quickly

  • safe + professionally accompanied by your trusted dentist

  • tooth correction for adults with innovative 3D technology made in Germany

  • over 30,000 patients are already happy with their new smile with straight teeth

  • more than 5,000 dentists already offer the proven aligner system from Orthos

  • clear + affordable package prices for professional tooth correction


1. Just ask...

... your dentist for the invisible harmony aligner and discuss with him/her: What is bothering you about your teeth? What do you want to change? What do you desire?

2. Your dentist ...

... takes impressions or intraoral scans from your teeth and we check in our laboratory what is possible and how difficult it would be to correct your teeth.

3. Your offer ...

...with the right package price you will get from us. The ”Harmonie modell” or “Harmonie picture” shows you how your teeth will look soon. Then you decide.

Good reasons for the HarmonieSchiene

  • Invisible
    The transparent, flexible aligners are almost invisible and are not noticeable in everyday life.

  • Gently
    The aligners act on your teeth in small steps. After a short time you will get used to the aligner. The HarmonieSchienen are guaranteed to be free of the plasticiser bisphenol A.

  • Fast and Easy
    To eat or to brush your teeth, simply remove the aligners, scrub with the toothbrush and put them in a glass of water until they come back into your mouth. Small tooth corrections only take a few weeks.

  • Secure
    Before starting, your dentist will examine carefully whether your dental situation is suitable for therapy with dental aligners. He/She accompanies your treatment professionally and thus ensures that the medical tooth correction proceeds as planned.

  • Transparent
    We will check in advance which package price is right for your case, and then you can make your own decision. If the HarmonieSchiene is not the right therapy for you, we will suggest alternatives on request. 

  • Sustainable
    After the treatment, the beautiful position of your teeth will be secured. You will feel the positive effect in the long term in your self-confidence, your charisma and your success.

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