In 5 steps to your desired smile with the HarmonieSchiene® by Orthos...

1. The dentist of your trust ...

...will take impressions (digital or analog) from your upper and lower jaw and send them to us in the laboratory. Find dentists near you here and send an appointment request by email. 

Schritt 1: Zahnarzt finden
Schritt 2: Angebot erhalten

2. We from the German specialist laboratory Orthos...

...create an offer for your most beautiful smile that shows you which package price is suitable for your misaligned teeth. Then you can make your own decision.


3. You will receive your first set of invisible HarmonieSchienen...

...made to measure by our specialist laboratory. The flexible, transparent aligners are hardly noticeable and, after a short period of familiarisation, do not interfere with speaking or laughing. How to wear the HarmonieSchiene:

Schritt 3: HarmonieSchiene erhalten
Schritt 4: Professionelle Begleitung durch den Zahnarzt

4. You will be accompanied safe and professionally…

by your dentist, who regularly checks the course of your tooth correction. The HarmonieSchiene has already made more than 30,000 patients smile. Take a look at successful examples here:

5. Beautiful! Your new smile with straight teeth...

is permanently secured at the end of tooth correction. So that your teeth do not shift again, there are two options: retainer splints or a fine retainer wire

Schritt 5: Neues Lächeln mit geraden Zähnen

Find Dentists near you who make you smile with the Harmonieschiene:

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