Straight teeth smile brighter with the HarmonieSchiene 4.0 from Orthos

Make your Patients smile with the invisible braces!

  • the invisible aligner for quick and easy tooth correction
  • accompany your patients safely + professionally with our proven Aligner system
  • over 30.000 patients are already enjoying their new smile with straight teeth

People have the desire for beautiful and straight teeth at any age

You provide your patients with the best care when it comes to dental health. However, do you also offer aesthetic corrections to your patients?

Dental aesthetics is a constantly growing future market that is in increasing demand. The providers range from specialised orthodontists to non-specialised start-up companies that advertise "Tooth correction as a “do it yourself" treatment on the Internet. The dental regulatory body warned already in 2017 about this type of self-treatment. The amount of offers available make it increasingly difficult for patients to find their way around, which is why professional advice from the dentist is so important.

  • looking after patients profesionally
  • with an experienced specialised laboratory
  • no "remote" treatment

Don't leave the treatment of your patients to others. With the HarmonieSchiene from Orthos, you can offer your patients a proven aligner system - and with us, from the Orthos specialist laboratory, you can offer an experienced partner. You accompany continuously the tooth correction with the "invisible aligners for adults" in coordination with our specialist advisors. Therefore you can react directly to changes. If the HarmonieSchiene is not the right therapy, we suggest alternatives. For cosmetic corrections with the HarmonieSchiene

  • you don’t need any certification 
  • you don’t need any software
  • you only need patients with crooked teeth!

Over 5,000 dentists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are offering the HarmonieSchiene already. Accompany your patients who suffer from crooked teeth in a safe and professional way!

Experience & innovative Spirit: HarmonieSchiene 4.0

For more than 15 years, the HarmonieSchiene from Orthos, the invisible braces for tooth correction for adults, has been the market leader in general dental practices in Germany.

Together with our more than 5,000 partner practices, we accompany patients safely and competently on their way to beautiful straight teeth in a short time with our invisible aligner system. In cooperation with our partners, we are constantly working on integrating technical innovations into the HarmonieSchiene and we are continuously optimizing our system. The HarmonieSchiene from Orthos is manufactured exclusively at our two laboratory locations in Germany, Frankfurt am Main and Weimar in Thuringia. Since it is particularly important to secure the result achieved after the end of treatment, we have also developed our own retainer systems.

  • no certification needed
  • modern 3D-printer and software
  • clever attachments improve the force effect

Every laboratory can deepdraw an aligner - we are looking for the best solution for you and your patients and, if requested, offer alternative therapy methods if the HarmonieSchiene is not the appropriate treatment method. Our specialist advisors will support you throughout the therapy. Our partner practices benefit from our experience as a specialised orthodontic laboratory since 1983, the on-site support from our dental consultants and our marketing support. In addition, we offer an extensive advanced training program, through which practice management and team can acquire additional qualifications that expand the range of services in a dental practice.

  • Experience as an orthodontic laboratory since 1983
  • Specialist consultants and dental consultants on site
  • Support with marketing measures

The HarmonieSchiene has been straightening teeth for adults since 2004. Based on our experience as a specialist laboratory, we are able to optimise our aligner system continuously.

We from Orthos - straightening teeth is our passion

We advertise for your practise on the radio and on the internet

Although there are more and more providers of correction systems, many people still do not know that tooth correction is also possible in adulthood- very discreet and without restrictions in everyday life. We therefore provide information about our invisible aligner "HarmonieSchiene" in media such as german radio stations, internet, at trade fairs and on press portals.

The target group is large: young adults who have worn braces as children often struggle with their teeth shifting again in their mid-twenties. Young retirees don't want to put up with crooked teeth. And of course there is the large age group in between.

You and your practice team know your patients much better than we do and can therefore address them specifically.

You will be welcomed with open arms when you are offering cosmetic tooth correction!

We recommend to people who suffer from their crooked teeth:

Make an appointment at your dental practice. Then discuss with your dentist the options for an aesthetic tooth correction with the transparent aligners HarmonieSchiene.

Together we will then find out what the patients desire and whether treatment with the HarmonieSchiene from Orthos is possible.

Together we bring more smiles to the world and make patients happy!

 Our current press articles, radio spots and videos

To learn from each other and become more successful

We want to work in partnership with you in order to pass the HarmonieSchiene onto the consumer. We do not see ourselves as a supplier of an invisible aligner, but instead we are offering you professional advice, on-site support, short reaction times and a wide range of training courses.

Would you like on-site support for your first HarmonieSchiene case? 


The dental consultants responsible for your region will be happy to accompany you on your first case. Just get in touch with us!

Are you a member of a specialist group or do you have a round table with a few colleagues on a regular basis?

Invite our laboratory manager, Oliver Handwerk. He would be happy to introduce you to "Frontal tooth cosmetics with the HarmonieSchiene" in a small group.

We are open to criticism and suggestions, as that's the only way we can develop! Any questions? Call us: +49 (0) 69 - 71 91 000 or write to

Just order your Starter kit and start with your First Case

Does the HarmonieSchiene work for me?

With our direct service for dentists, you can quickly provide your patients with advance information:

  • You can send us pictures of your patient's dental situation via WhatsApp.
  • Please do not forget to write us your practice name!
  • For data protection reasons, please do not give the patient name at the beginning!
  • We make an initial assessment whether the case can be treated with the HarmonieSchiene.
  • We offer this service to dental surgeries during our laboratory hours! 
  • This advance information does not replace diagnostics based on models!

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