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Your Questions about the HarmonieSchiene

Is the HarmonieSchiene suitable for me and where can I get it?

Is it suitable for everyone?

The HarmonieSchiene was specially developed for anterior tooth corrections and is therefore not suitable for every tooth misalignment. Your dentist sends us an impression or a digital picture of your teeth. We measure this, check whether therapy with the HarmonieSchiene is possible, and create your individual cost estimate -an offer for your most beautiful smile. On request, we can create a digital harmony picture or a harmony model that you can touch, which will show you how your teeth will look after tooth correction.

Here you can have a look at succsessful results

Where do I get the HarmonieSchiene?

The tooth correction with the invisible braces "HarmonieSchiene" is accompanied professionally and safely by your dentist in cooperation with us, the experienced specialist laboratory Orthos. The HarmonieSchiene is manufactured exclusively in Germany at our two laboratory locations in Frankfurt am Main and Weimar in Thuringia.

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To which dentist can I go/ a dentist near me?

We developed the transparent "HarmonieSchiene" braces especially for general dental practices. Make an appointment and ask your dentist about treatment with the HarmonieSchiene by Orthos. You can simply download our "short information for practitioners" and take it to the appointment.

short information for practioners

Can you send me the HarmonieSchiene by post?

No, tooth correction with the HarmonieSchiene by Orthos is a medical treatment that is only professionally accompanied by a dentist.

What do I have to consider during treatment with the HarmonieSchiene?

For how long do I have to wear the aligner daily?

Important: You should wear the invisible aligners around the clock, i.e. approx. 22 - 23 hours, and you should only remove them when eating and brushing your teeth.

Our new, exclusive aligner material BioForcePro® ensures a more effective, constant power transmission to the teeth - and that with an optimised wearing comfort due to even finer and lighter aligners.

Tips for wearing

How do I clean the aligners?

Simply with the toothbrush and toothpaste with cold to lukewarm water. In no case with hot water, because heat deforms the aligners and changes the effect.

Can I eat food / drink / smoke / have a chewing gum with the aligner?

You shouldn't smoke or eat anything while the aligner is in your mouth. Please avoid foods with a high sugar or acidity such as lemonades, juices, red wine, coffee, sweets etc. The self-cleaning of your teeth by the saliva is reduced if the aligner sits on your teeth.

Is tooth correction painful?

In order to move the teeth into the desired position, the aligners have to exert pressure on the teeth. Therefore, pressure pain can occur when inserting a new aligner, which can occur particularly when removing and reinserting the aligner (before eating or for dental care). Some patients compare this to severe sore muscles. After a day or two, however, that disappears.

What does the HarmonieSchiene cost?

How much does the treatment cost and how long does it take?

That depends on the misaligned teeth. On average, the treatment lasts 3 - 6 months. You can see how long it takes for you and which package price is suitable for your misaligned teeth in your cost estimate (offer for your most beautiful smile).

Is it paid by the health insurance?

Statutory health insurance companies do not pay this service because it is a cosmetic correction. Depending on the contract, private health insurance or supplementary dental insurance cover the costs of the treatment.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

You can discuss the payment options with your dentist, as the dental practice is your contract partner and not we, the laboratory. Many practices now offer installment payments. Just ask!

Who produces the HarmonieSchiene?

Where is the HarmonieSchiene manufactured?

The HarmonieSchiene was developed by the Orthos specialist laboratory for orthodontics GmbH & Co. KG, based in Frankfurt am Main and Weimar, and is also manufactured exclusively at these two locations in Germany. The specialist laboratory has experience in the manufacturing of orthodontic devices since 1983.

More information about the specialised laboratory Orthos

What are the invisible aligners made of?

The transparent, flexible correction aligner is a special aligner made of medical PET (polyethylene terephthalate) / PU (polyurethane). The material contains no plasticisers, so it is free of bisphenol A (BPA). Important for allergy sufferers.

BioForcePro® - the new exclusive aligner material of the HarmonieSchiene ensures constant power transmission to the teeth during the entire treatment time. The new aligners are even finer and lighter and thus optimise the comfort of wearing them.


How long has the HarmonieSchiene by Orthos been in existence?

In 2004 the HarmonieSchiene, the invisible brace, was developed by the Orthos specialist laboratory and has been continuously optimised since then. The HarmonieSchiene from Orthos has already helped more than 30,000 patients to achieve a nicer smile. More than 5,000 dentists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland now work with the proven aligner system from Orthos.


Further questions about the HarmonieSchiene...

Can you do whitening at the same time, i.e. whiten your teeth?

No. Whitening should be done before or after treatment.

Is the aligner treatment possible for tooth crowns or implants?

Basically yes. Your dentist will work with our specialist advisors beforehand to determine whether existing dentures are preventing tooth correction with the HarmonieSchiene. On request, our specialist laboratory will suggest alternative treatment methods if the HarmonieSchiene is not the right therapy.

How do you make room for the movement of the teeth if they are crowded?

It is sometimes necessary to grind the enamel minimally, so that the teeth can stand side by side in a harmonious form. The so-called Approximal Enamel Reduction has the positive side effect that the tooth enamel is polished smooth and is therefore less susceptible to caries.

Can I just wear the last HarmonieSchiene to ensure the result?

No. At the end, an individually adapted so-called retention aligner or a fine retainer wire, which is attached to the inside of the teeth, ensures the harmonious position of your teeth. At the beginning of the treatment, our laboratory gives a corresponding recommendation as to which retention measure is the right one for your case.

Does something have to be attached to my teeth during treatment?

In order to optimise the effect of the aligner on the teeth, it is useful in some cases to apply so-called attachments, small plastic strips made of tooth-coloured filling material, to the teeth. They ensure a more effective, targeted power transmission.

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