1. Anamnesis - what does your Patient desire?

Secure treatment- in 5 steps to straight teeth

2. Treatment Offer + Informative Consultation

Secure treatment- in 5 steps to straight teeth

3. Preparation + Production of your first Aligners

Secure treatment- in 5 steps to straight teeth

4. The Start to a more beautiful Smile

Secure treatmen-in 5 steps to straight teeth

5. Sustainable Result – Retention

Secure treatment – in 5 steps to straight teeth

1. Anamnesis - what does your Patient want?

What is bothering your patients about their teeth? What do they want to change? What do they wish?

What is bothering your patients about their teeth? What do they want to change? What do they desire?

Give yourself and your patient enough time to find out the desired outcome. The individual expectations can be very different. Take impressions and create exact permanent impressions of the upper and lower jaw or digital impressions by scan, which should be send to our laboratory.

Please note: The impressions must represent all teeth in a correct way, thus the entire upper and lower jaw must be visible.

That way we can digitally measure the diagnostic models in the Orthos laboratory and precisely determine the number of aligners needed. Together we then determine the therapy goal by telephone.

2. Treatment Offer + Informative Consultation

Together we will find out which tooth correction is possible.

We check the impressions and create a "HarmoniePlan" free of charge, which describes the course of therapy, the classification of the case in our price packages and the treatment goal. At the next appointment, you will discuss the treatment offer and you will answer your patient's questions.

If desired, one of our dental advisors will accompany your first case on site and will be available for further questions. Just give us a call!Up to this point in time, the patient will not incur any laboratory costs.


3. Preparation + Production of your first Aligners

As soon as your patients have decided to go ahead treatment can begin.

Send us Class 3 dental cast models with a distortion-free dental crown or a permanent impression with correction mass (situation bite) to our laboratory. Afterwards we will send you a “HarmonieBox” with the consecutively numbered aligners for your patient. Also included: wearing instructions, instructions for cleaning the rails and our attractive "HarmonieBox" ", in which the aligners can be kept during a restaurant visit.

Before treatment begins, it might be necessary to create space for the teeth to move optimally within the dental arch. Should this be the case, a proximal enamel reduction is well suited to achieve the desired results, a procedure which is made easy and safe using the SepiPolierer. Positive side-effect: the polishing also helps to smooth out the surface of the teeth, making them less susceptible to decay.

The dental consultant responsible for your region will be happy to assist you with your first case!

4. The Start to a more beautiful Smile

Now you're ready to go: Your patients are on their way to their most beautiful smile!

Wearing time: The first aligner is worn for 3 weeks. Afterwards, the HarmonieSchienen are usually changed every 2 weeks and the respective intermediate step is checked in the dental practice.In this way we can react immediately if the correction does not go ahead as planned as everyone reacts differently!Our new, exclusive aligner material BioForcePro® ensures a more effective, constant power transmission to the teeth - and that with even finer and lighter aligners.

Very important: The HarmonieSchiene must be worn "around the clock" except when eating and drinking. Otherwise the aligner will not work properly and the success is at risk. The patient receives appropriate wearing instructions together with the elegant HarmonieBox at the beginning of the treatment.
The very thin and invisible new aligner material ensures a particularly comfortable fit and up to 40% less pressure when changing to the next aligner.

The Team of Orthos wishes you every success on the way to a new smile with straight teeth!

5. Sustainable Result – Retention

Straight teeth need support. And the beautiful new smile should last a lifetime.

The beautiful result can be secured either by wearing specially made retention splints or by the “Red Riding Hood retainer” from Orthos, a tight adhesive retainer on the inside of the teeth. We make a corresponding recommendation for the individually appropriate retention measure at the planning stage.

Our experienced specialist advisors will advise you and together we will find the ideal and comfortable solution for your patient.

Please note: The last HarmonieSchiene is not suitable as an aligner for retention!

Our common result: A happy and satisfied smiling patient more :o)

Two possibilities to retain the result:

Aligner retention

The removable retention aligner - we recommend a specially made, 1.5 mm thick mini plastic aligner - must be worn around the clock for 6 weeks after the end of the treatment in order to ensure the long-term result. The wearing time can then be reduced to half a day, in the afternoon and at night, for a further 6 weeks. After that, it is sufficient to only wear the splint at night or even only 1 or 2 nights a week.

The aligner retainer is inconspicuous and, like the HarmonieSchiene, can be easily integrated into everyday life. In the long term, however, it requires a high degree of self-discipline so that it is carried according to the requirements. There is also a risk that the rail will be lost or forgotten.


Little Red Riding Hood Retainer® by Orthos

The “Little Red Riding Hood” retainer, an adhesive retainer, is attached to the inside of the rows of your teeth as a very fine wire. If desired, we can adapt the retainer in the laboratory to your patient's final model. In your practice, you only put it on with the red caps. A third hand is not required. After gluing, the caps are simply separated and removed.


The Little Red Riding Hood Retainer is nowhere to be seen and can hardly be felt after a short period of familiarisation. You need to pay a little more attention when brushing your teeth, but it ensures that the treatment result is preserved in the long term.

Small attachments increase the effect of the HarmonieSchiene:

With some misalignments, small plastic holders can help to achieve the desired result of the tooth correction even more precisely and effectively.

In order to be able to move the teeth even more effectively, "attachments" made of composite (tooth-coloured filling material) are the ideal solution. They ensure a specific and even more precise power transmission from the aligner to the teeth.

In our specialist laboratory, we prepare the attachments in a small transfer mask so that they can be easily and correctly placed in the dental practice - exactly matching the patient's tooth colour. (Here: tiny crescent-moon attachments)

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